Augmenteum provides a full suite of services to enable its innovative AR and Mixed Reality experiences

Augmenteum Cloud Services

Augmenteum's cloud based platform enables the management and distribution of shared multi-user mixed reality experiences to everyone everywhere.
  • Hosts and distributes 3D digital content
  • Provides location and mapping services to support:
    • Sharing among multiple users, local and remote
    • Interactivity between users and content
    • Interactivity between content and space
    • Persistence of digital content, in location and space

Augmenteum Integration Services

Augmenteum works with your content developers, or connects you to an Augmenteum content development partner, to create an innovative, engaging, AR experience that takes advantage of Augmenteum's unique AR functionality. Then, Augmenteum will work to seemlessly deploy your application on the Augmenteum cloud platform.

Augmenteum Venue Services

Augmenteum and its networking technology partners provide additional services for challenging applications and environments.
  • Large crowd AR, from tens to thousands of simultaneous users
  • Challenging wireless network environments, such as large venues and indoor locations
  • Cost-effective installations to support on-going AR experiences
  • Low-light environments such as concerts, presentations, and night-time operation