What We Enable

Crowd AR Experiences

Live Multi-user Experiences

Live Event Experiences

  • Highly engaging sharing experiences
  • Novel, eye-catching content
  • Persistent in location
  • Low cost to deploy
  • User & Usage data reporting available

Demonstration, Collaboration & Classroom Experiences

Sales Tools & Demos
Seminar & Classroom Apps

  • Exceptional visualization of 3D content
  • User interaction with content
  • Remote participant support
  • Feedback and evaluation tools
  • Usage and participation data reporting availabe
  • Lower cost than VR

Take Home Experiences

Digital Souvenir
Enhanced Video

  • Extend Live Experiences after the event
  • Integrate AR content with existing video assets
  • Continue engagement, increase usage and dwell time
  • Usage data reporting available
  • Incremental revenue opportunities as product enhancement or branding